Some Testimonials From Happy Parents

Little Shepherd is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. Both our children have learnt so much and developed as confident individuals since attending this centre.

It’s the extra quality care the preschool provides that makes it a special place. Such as when you arrive to collect your child the staff make time to tell you the little details about your child’s day – who they may have played with, new skills learnt and simply just the kind of day they have had.

Through the staff’s guidance and structured activities we have watched the confidence grow and important social skills develop in our children that they will need, in particular, as they progress through schooling life.

We cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our children.

Warm regards

L Curra

We are incredibly blessed to have our son attending Little Shepherd Pre School. As soon as you enter Little Shepherd each day you are greeted by such friendly, engaging and nurturing educators. They take the time to know each child and their families so that everyone is comfortable; the children and the parents!

Each day we hear stories from our son about the fun, adventures and learning that he has experienced; reinforced by the photos and stories that the educators share with us. Little Shepherd addresses the educational needs of each child as well as their emotional and social wellbeing. The children participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, enriching their lives and forming a love of learning.

Little Shepherd promotes a wonderful community spirit and we couldn’t speak more highly of this wonderful pre school.

K Cooper

It is with great pride that I write his Testimonial for Little Sheperd Preschool. My two children (a daughter and son) have attended LSP since the age of 3 progressing from the Caterpillar to the Butterfly group and now have flown off to big school.

Our children have both emerged from their years at LSP as kind, capable, confident, eager to learn and thoughtful children. This is as a result of the loving and nurturing environment of LSP. Our children have been supported so well and felt so comfortable that they have been able to explore the world around them, learn how to think critically about topics and question why things are the way they are in the world. Never have my children cried or not wanted to attend, they have looked forward to what a day at preschool held for them.

We always knew LSP would be great for them and mean they would one day walk into big school ready to go. I can only describe based on my experience of my children at their orientations for big school. Hand on heart it was honestly night and day difference between our children and others. I am not referring to the ABCs or the counting to 10 (ofcourse LSP had that side of things  completely covered to!) – what I mean is the confidence and the readiness in being able to talk to a teacher directly, interact with them and engage in activities presented to them in the way other kids did not seem to do. It was a quiet confidence and made my heart burst (and the sacrifice to do the later drop offs than the daycare previously attended worth that extra juggle). Thank you LSP for giving our children this gift.

We are sad our time with LSP has come to an end. We will forever hold a special place in our hearts for LSP (and the children regularly insist we drive down that street on our way anywhere so they can wave). I cannot recommend LSP more highly. 

S Elliott